To be or not to be a nerd ?

A humorous tutorial on how to be(come) a nerd. The choice is yours!

By Yehan B. & Selim B.


Lemon pie earrings

Hello everyone ! Today I am going to teach you how to make pie earrings with some polymer clay that goes into the oven, these are some of my polymer creations:

Polymer creations by Laura

So first of all, the material you need is :

  • any type of polymer clay that goes into the oven ( I use Fimo and Sculpey)
  • a clamp to attach the creation and to make it an earring
  • fruit canes to put on top of the pie
  • earrings
  • transparent glue, I use something else special made to make the pie
  • a blade to cut the canes
These are the polymer clay I use

Let’s get started !

First of all, take a piece of polymer clay and make it into a ball like in the picture


Then flatten that ball:

Nice flat isn’t it ?

Take two new pieces of ball (1) and  make two strips with it (2):

Twist them together to create some kind of a rope:


Put the rope you’ve created on the top of the base you’ve made earlier:


Put the creation into the oven. It depends on the information on the polymer packaging. Personally, I put it at 110 degrees Celsius, for 30mins.

The canes and the blade I use

Now, let’s put the liquid glue on top of the creation:
DIY 10

This is how it should look:

DIY 11

Add the fruit canes to the pie:

DIY 12
mmmmh yummy 😉

Take the clamp, the earrings and the creation you’ve just made and connect the earrings to your creation (watch out, don’t hurt yourself!):

DIY 13

And you are done! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

DIY 14
Voilà !

Created by Laura N.

VIP robbing

Reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner reportedly has been robbed of $200,000 of jewelry. That evening, Kendall Jenner hosted a party at her home, in Los Angeles TV station KNBC identified as the 1600 block of Marmont Avenue. She left at midnight for a little over an hour. Upon returning, Jenner entered her bedroom, noticed her jewelry box was open, and discovered items were missing. At 1:15 a.m. Thursday, she called the police.

In October, Jenner’s half-sister Kim Kardashian, 36, was also robbed in her apartment    in Paris.Celebrities whose Los Angeles homes have been burglarized in the past year include rapper Nicki Minaj, singer Alanis Morissette, dog-trainer and reality star Cesar Millan, Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig, and former and current Los Angeles Lakers Derek Fisher and Nick Young.

By Ines R., Leen M. & Selin M.

An unconventional case of karma

”Are you ready?” Cole said to his girlfriend of three years.”Hell yeah” she replied with a smile on her face, adrenaline rushing through her body. She grabbed the handle of the plane door and let the evening wind rush into the small space.”It’s now or never” Kate said, as she always did when teaching their skydiving students. Hand in hand, they both took a deep breath in and jumped into the unknown. When they saw the ground approaching, they pulled their parachutes and were lifted up into the air like a bottle coming back up to the surface. While in midair, Cole pulled out a box from his pocket. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring perfectly fitted to Kate’s finger. She gasped as she caught sight of the box in her boyfriend’s hands. He was going to propose to her. He opened the box, revealing the ring and popped the question. Nervous, wind blowing through his hair as he made his descent, he waited for her response. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Kate responded, tears welling up in her eyes.” Yes, of course I will”. Relief flooded Cole’s body. She had accepted his proposal and he couldn’t be happier. However disaster struck as Cole held out the ring, offering it to Kate. The 25 000 $ jewel fell out of his hand and tumbled down, never to be seen again by the couple. Cole cried out and clasped the air trying to retrieve the ring. Kate watched as her fiancee grasped in vain and as his gift to her left her sight. The ring continued its rapid descent to the grassy land below leaving the couple slowly floating down above it, until it landed at a woman’s feet. This woman’s name was Maria and by some extraordinary coincidence, some may even call it destiny, she happened to be Cole’s ex-girlfriend. They had been together for 5 years, which she claimed were the worst years of her life. They were college sweethearts, a perfect couple on the outside, but their relationship had turned out to be one filled with stress, lies and deception, all due to Cole’s behaviour. He had been cruel and aggressive so, looking for a fresh start, Maria had left Cole to pursue her love for jewellery making, sadly to no success due to a lack of financing. This particular day she had come to visit her aunt’s farm.  As she was on her way back to the property, she saw the ring fall with an incredible speed. She bent down and picked up the jewel, contemplating it while it sparkled magnificently in the sunlight. She looked up at the clear sky, wondering about the ring’s origins, before placing it into her pocket. She would go on to sell the ring, using the funds to finance her jewellery company which would become one of the largest and most popular in the world and would make her one of the most successful women in her field. As for Cole and Kate, they spent the rest of their lives in an unhappy marriage, eventually ending in a heated divorce.

By Leen M., Selin D. & Ines R.

King of the Delta Blues

Robert Johnson is arguably the most influential blues singer to ever live, legendary blues rock singer Eric Clapton has reckoned that his style directly influenced hard rock and artists of the British Invasion.

At least these are the claims that I had read during the period when I had become infatuated with the Blues and more specifically Delta Blues, something about a genre consisting solely of a black man, his usually pain-striken voice, and his guitar made me wonder just how much empathy a couple of minutes of scratchy melodic turn-of-the-century music available on Spotify could make me feel.

A hell of a lot apparentaly.

İ first had the priviledge of listening to Johnson’s “Hell Hound On My Trail”, İ could not believe my ears. Johnson sings with extreme passion, his voice isn’t loud yet it is powerful.

As far as İ’m concerned, the recording is the essence of humanity.

Johnson sings his emotions, fear, sadness, a loss of hope, and you, yourself, you lose yourself in his music, his mind, his soul. Yes, his music is purely soulful.

Hell Hound On My Trail” seems to be a cry for help, the devil has been trailing his every move thus following him during his travels around Mississipi as a humble plantation worker turned semi-professional blues singer. Johnson’s tale of success is now an urban legend in the Delta River area, locals believe that the blues icon traded his soul to the Devil in exchange for musical talent and that the Beast has been following him ever since, leading up to his mysterious and unexpected death at the tragically young age of 27.

Throughout his short carreer, Johnson was an extremely paranoid man, histrorians believe that his hallucinations of the Devil and such had been brought on by syphillis or schizophrenia.

Three official photographs of Johnson exist, although one is unverified.

İf you too are a fan of the blues, specifically in between the 1920’s and 1950’s era of the genre, I highly recommend Robert Johnson.

Link to the song:

By Blues fan Alara K.

The Art Life

This festival film is about the famous director, screenwriter, producer, painter, musician and photographer David Lynch calls the art life. In this biography, his eccentric hair and cigarettes play the lead role. The results are abstract and incomprehensible, it centers on his family relations, education, his idea of making his simple paintings move and how he got interested in cinematography. The documentary takes us on a journey into the artist’s personal life, from his childhood spent in a small rural American town to the dark streets of Philadelphia. Throughout the movie, we learn about how he managed to enter the art life, it is inserted in his own art, music and films. It helps us see that he is the kind of artist that spends the day in his studio, where most of the conversations were recorded for the movie we understand that his work is based on his memories, as he says in the movie “I think every time you do something like a painting or whatever, you go with ideas and sometimes the past can conjure those ideas and colour them, even if they’re new ideas, the past colours them.” Finally this movie helps us to better interpret his work.

By Beliz G.