Hello everyone ! Today I am going to teach you how to make pie earrings with some polymer clay that goes into the oven, these are some of my polymer creations:

Polymer creations by Laura

So first of all, the material you need is :

  • any type of polymer clay that goes into the oven ( I use Fimo and Sculpey)
  • a clamp to attach the creation and to make it an earring
  • fruit canes to put on top of the pie
  • earrings
  • transparent glue, I use something else special made to make the pie
  • a blade to cut the canes
These are the polymer clay I use

Let’s get started !

First of all, take a piece of polymer clay and make it into a ball like in the picture


Then flatten that ball:

Nice flat isn’t it ?

Take two new pieces of ball (1) and  make two strips with it (2):

Twist them together to create some kind of a rope:


Put the rope you’ve created on the top of the base you’ve made earlier:


Put the creation into the oven. It depends on the information on the polymer packaging. Personally, I put it at 110 degrees Celsius, for 30mins.

The canes and the blade I use

Now, let’s put the liquid glue on top of the creation:
DIY 10

This is how it should look:

DIY 11

Add the fruit canes to the pie:

DIY 12
mmmmh yummy 😉

Take the clamp, the earrings and the creation you’ve just made and connect the earrings to your creation (watch out, don’t hurt yourself!):

DIY 13

And you are done! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

DIY 14
Voilà !

Created by Laura N.


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