Robert Johnson is arguably the most influential blues singer to ever live, legendary blues rock singer Eric Clapton has reckoned that his style directly influenced hard rock and artists of the British Invasion.

At least these are the claims that I had read during the period when I had become infatuated with the Blues and more specifically Delta Blues, something about a genre consisting solely of a black man, his usually pain-striken voice, and his guitar made me wonder just how much empathy a couple of minutes of scratchy melodic turn-of-the-century music available on Spotify could make me feel.

A hell of a lot apparentaly.

İ first had the priviledge of listening to Johnson’s “Hell Hound On My Trail”, İ could not believe my ears. Johnson sings with extreme passion, his voice isn’t loud yet it is powerful.

As far as İ’m concerned, the recording is the essence of humanity.

Johnson sings his emotions, fear, sadness, a loss of hope, and you, yourself, you lose yourself in his music, his mind, his soul. Yes, his music is purely soulful.

Hell Hound On My Trail” seems to be a cry for help, the devil has been trailing his every move thus following him during his travels around Mississipi as a humble plantation worker turned semi-professional blues singer. Johnson’s tale of success is now an urban legend in the Delta River area, locals believe that the blues icon traded his soul to the Devil in exchange for musical talent and that the Beast has been following him ever since, leading up to his mysterious and unexpected death at the tragically young age of 27.

Throughout his short carreer, Johnson was an extremely paranoid man, histrorians believe that his hallucinations of the Devil and such had been brought on by syphillis or schizophrenia.

Three official photographs of Johnson exist, although one is unverified.

İf you too are a fan of the blues, specifically in between the 1920’s and 1950’s era of the genre, I highly recommend Robert Johnson.

Link to the song:

By Blues fan Alara K.


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